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About Vlad

I hail from the beautiful Swan River Valley in Manitoba, Canada. I like my rocks, trees, and rivers so I live in the perfect place for that. I have a wife and son who inspire me greatly and I love working on projects with others.

I am an avid computer tech enthusiast and have serviced people's computers for over 6 years. I've always loved making people's experiences with technology easier. Off the beaten path of my tech experience I am working on a Counselling Psychology graduate degree, which lends to my collaborating skills in web design more than may be apparent.

When I am not working, you can find me spending time with my family, woodworking, smoking my pipe, playing in my band, tending my garden, and generally enjoying nature.

My Mission

I realized a need through my clients over the years that technology is not inherently intuitive. It is also largely up to the service provider whether it is easier to learn or not! Many years of exposure to computers have made it easier for many people, but many still struggle to maintain up to date know-how. My mission is to provide the most friendly and intuitive services possible. I will analyze your needs, desires for the future, and client-base to deliver a product that excels for you.

Why Choose Me

I'll be honest, you can get a website for under $100. They might even be okay designs. So why would you pick me? The reasons are numerous. With me you get a person who is not from across the ocean and is practically at your beck and call. I will work closely with you and communicate often. Furthermore, you would be hiring a person not afraid to start from scratch, but who is willing to take a nod from well-established good design. Don't be afraid to point me to an existing design you like. When I draw up a contract, I think relationship before business. The business part comes smoothly with a good relationship.

If that is not enough, my maintenance skills are top-notch as well. I am particularily overkill and provide things such as triple-site backups, which are backups where data is contained in 3 different geographic locations. With me, all of my services are premium so that you do not have to worry.

Meet the Family

Vlad Matejka

Vlad is the sole owner of Matejka Design. He looks after all of your needs.

Bethany Matejka

A full-time mom, Bethany is also Vlad's behind-the-scenes critic and motivator.

Miloslav Matejka

Milo has the tendency to distract Vlad with his antics, but is also good inspiration.


"Vlad was very helpful getting our website up and running. We needed a complete redo and Vlad walked us through each step from choosing a palette to setting pages. He knows his technology and what it can do for you. Vlad was respectful of our requests (while making suggestions himself) and was able and willing to tweak the site until we were satisfied with the end result. Easy to work with and knows his stuff."
Tracy Burick, Swan River, MB - cbfchristianschool.ca